• Orange Chicken, served
  • Happy hour special, served
  • Walnut Prawns, served

Chan's Place


The Chans family came to the United States in the 70s and settled in Seattle in 1980. Equipped with years of experience in the hospitality field, the family decided to begin a new venture. Chans Place was opened in August 1980. Since then Chans has always been on the premises to supervise and ensure that everything is perfect. It is the Chans goal to provide the best service to their customers and that their staff’s smiles are genuine and not just part of a uniform. Most important of all the Chans advocate using the finest ingredients and the freshest produce available!

Aware of the fact that more people are becoming health conscious, the Chans have instructed their cooks to use only low-cholesterol vegetable oil in their cooking. They only use imported herbs and spices to marinate the meat and just a hint of MSG to enhance the flavor. However, MSG can always be eliminated upon request. The Chans specialize in dishes like Hot and Sour Soup, Pan Stickers the mouth-watering Orange Beef and a selection of House Specialities under the title "Creme de la Crime" The Chans are committed to serving their patrons. They greatly value your comments and will do their utmost to continue their high-grade service. Sincerely, The Chans